How can I help?

The relationship you have always wanted to have with your horse is possible. The key to unlocking that extraordinary relationship is closer than you might think. The journey begins the moment we shift our mindset and become open to the changes we need to make in ourselves first. This shift opens up endless possibilities for you and your horse, because you learn how to enjoy the journey not the destination. You will find this approach to be so much more rewarding and effective for your horse and yourself.

I will coach you how to develop the knowledge and skills to understand and apply what you learn in the sessions with your horse by using horse psychology, non-verbal communication, leadership, empathy, and emotional fitness. In the end, I’m here to help you become the best you you can be with your horsemanship and help you build a better way.

To understand the horse you’ll find that you’re going to have to work on yourself. We need to recognize the smallest try, realize the slightest change.

Ray Hunt