Cameron Adams is 31 years old and has been working with horses for over 14 years. He has completed a 8 month apprenticeship with a Natural Horsemanship Instructor, and has his Veterinary Assistant Certificate.

In 2014, Cameron had a horse related injury that resulted in spinal fusion surgery. Thankfully, he was able to fully recover from the injury and the whole incident actually gave him a new perspective. Over the next couple years, he started to realize there was an interest and a need to share with other horse enthusiasts what he was beginning to understand about horses. So in 2017, he founded Cameron Adams Horsemanship with the mission of “Inspiring and motivating other horse owners to build extraordinary relationships with horses. 

He now specializes in groundwork training and in coaching other people with their horsemanship journeys. He has a passion for learning and educating others about equine psychology, communication, leadership, emotional fitness, and horse safety. He believes the path to becoming a horseman transcends just working with horses and applies to everyday life – including the relationships we have with our fellow humans.