Lesson Options

2023 Lesson & Training Rates

(Travel fees may apply)

1 hour session = $50.00

2 hour session = $90.00

Groundwork Lesson

  • Every lesson I teach starts with groundwork, because groundwork is the foundation to building a relationship with your horse. In this lesson you will learn about horse psychology, behavior, and communication and concepts like feel & timing and putting the relationship first.

Catching Lesson

  • Is your horse hard to catch? In this lesson, I will teach you how to get your horse to actually catch. You will learn about concepts like “approach & retreat” and “horse psychology.” It’s about putting the relationship first by slowing down and setting our agenda for the day aside so you can understand and learn what your horse needs. Before you know it, you’ll become more interesting to your horse again and find the excitement in the process.

Liberty Lesson

  • Are you interested in taking the relationship with your horse to a whole new level? Liberty is all about developing a strong partnership on the ground without a hater and lead rope. When you take the halter off, all that you have left is the truth.

Trailer Loading Lesson

  • It’s not about the trailer, it’s about the relationship.